Freighty Cat


Bike-ro Distro

Certainly the most active part of Freighty Cat this year, Bike-ro Distro is Leslie’s evolving side project. She has been hanging posters and distributing flyers in various cities for over a decade, eventually evolving these experiences into a bicycle-powered micro-distribution service around the city. Routes and rates are crafted to the needs of the events and businesses with which she works, with as many as fifty dropoff spots offered within Detroit.

She was recently featured in the metro Detroit YMCA newsletter and on their blog.

Bike-ro Distro clients have included:

YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit

The Majestic Theatre


PJ’s Lager House

Glass Academy

Ocelot Print Shop

Canine to Five

Cass Corridog

Run Detroit

Detroit Greencycle

A Host of People Theater Company

Detroit Tough

… among other local businesses and one-time events.

Bike-ro Distro can be contacted through Freighty Cat and is a barter-friendly business.


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