Freighty Cat


The Schooner

The Schooner, named during a long voyage across the mountains and plains in the summer of 2010, is the flagship of the Freighty Cat armada. A long-john of the European tradition, the Schooner is based on the design by Van VanderTuin at the Center For Appropriate Transport in Oregon.

The Schooner is smooth enough to haul the kids to school, yet burly enough to carry a load of bricks… or a full size mattress, or two or three other bikes, or all of your band’s amps and instruments, or even your date. The Schooner is shock absorbent enough for city riding, although it lends itself just as well to bike touring.

The bicycle features a TIG welded CroMoly frame and a two-point kickstand that is mounted to the load-bearing rack, which is removable and interchangeable for maximum flexibility.

Some Specs for the technically minded: 73″ wheelbase, 55 pounds, 28″ standover, and a 10.5″ bottom bracket clearance.

Schooner; photo: Abbas Wiswall

If you’re interested in being one less truck, please drop us a line!


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